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Boys Basketball

Kopperl Junior High Basketball Schedule

Eagles and Lady Eagles


revised Nov. 13, 2020               Click HERE to download schedule in PDF format

Date             Opponent                Place              Time

Nov. 12            Iredell                    Iredell              5:00/6:00pm

Nov. 19            Blum                      Blum                5:00/6:00pm(7th)/7:00pm

Nov. 23            OPEN                                              

Dec. 3              TLC-A                    TLC-A             5:00/6:00pm

Dec. 7            Jonesboro 7th          Jonesboro      5:00pm (boys)

Dec. 14            Covington               Kopperl          4:00(7th)/5:00/6:00pm

Jan. 7              Walnut Springs        W. Springs     5:00/6:00pm

Jan. 14            JCSA                       Kopperl           5:00/6:00(7th)/7:00pm

Jan. 21            Iredell                      Kopperl            5:00/6:00pm

Jan. 28            Blum                        Kopperl            5:00/6:00pm

Feb. 2             Jonesboro 7th          Jonesboro      5:00pm (boys) 

Feb. 4              TLC-A                      Kopperl            5:00/6:00pm


Boys Head Coach: Aaron Maxwell          Head Coach: Kara Pearson          

Principal: Brad Janek

Athletic Director: John Wood

Superintendent:Katrina Adcock

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Food Pantry

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Kopperl ISD Food Pantry Dates

September 8, 2021

October 13, 2021

November 10, 2021

December 8, 2021

9:30 am – 11:30 am

Kopperl Fire Hall

(2nd Wednesday of each month)

The Tarrant Area Food Bank makes the food pantry possible.