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                   2021 Kopperl Volleyball Schedule

                                                 click here to download a copy

**Updated July 26, 2021



Date                                       Opponent                                             Place                                       Time

Aug. 7                                   Meridian                                              Meridian                                10:00am

Aug. 10                                 Gholson                                               Gholson                                 5:00pm

Aug. 12-14                             Bruceville/Eddy Tourney                       Bruceville/Eddy                        TBA

Aug. 17                                 Coolidge                                              Coolidge                                 5:00pm

Aug. 20                                 BYE

Aug. 24                                 Bluff Dale                                             Kopperl                                  5:00pm

Aug. 27                                 Zephyr                                                 Kopperl                                  4:00pm

Aug. 31                                 Milford                                                 Kopperl                                  5:00pm

Sept. 4                                  Gustine                                                Kopperl                                  10:00am

Sept. 7                                  Chilton                                                 Kopperl                                  5:00pm

Sept. 10                                 Italy*                                                  Italy                                       4:00pm

Sept. 14                                 Morgan*                                              Morgan                                  5:00pm

Sept. 17                                 Rio Vista*                                            Rio Vista                                4:00pm

Sept. 21                                 Blum*                                                 Kopperl                                  5:00pm

Sept. 24                                 Avalon*                                               Kopperl                                  5:00pm

Sept. 28                                 Covington*                                          Covington                              5:00pm

Oct. 1                                     Itasca*                                               Kopperl                                 4:00pm

Oct. 5                                     Italy*                                                 Kopperl                                 5:00pm

Oct. 8                                     Morgan*                                             Kopperl                                 4:00pm

Oct. 12                                   Rio Vista*                                            Kopperl                                5:00pm

Oct. 15                                   Blum*                                                 Blum                                    4:00pm

Oct. 19                                   Avalon*^                                            Kopperl                                 5:00pm

Oct. 22                                   Covington*                                          Kopperl                                 4:00pm

Oct. 26                                   Itasca*                                                Itasca                                   5:00pm


*Denotes district games              ^Denotes Senior night


Head Coach:  George Hamilton                                                                        Superintendent: Katrina Adcock

Assistant Coach: Adan Reyes                                                                          Principal: Brad Janek