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JH Softball

Kopperl is introducing Softball at the Junior High level! 

So excited to see these young athletes compete in this new sport for Kopperl.

Click here to download the JH Softball schedule in pdf form


2021 JH Softball

Date Opponent Time
February 16 Riesel at Kopperl 4:30pm
February 24 Kopperl at Riesel 5:00pm
March 15 Kopperl at Jonesboro 4:30pm
March 25 Covington at Kopperl 4:30pm
April 1 TLCA at Kopperl 4:30pm
April 9 Blum at Kopperl 4:30pm
April 14 Kopperl at Abbott 5:30pm
April 17 Abbott Tournament 9:00am
April 22 TLCA at Kopperl 4:30pm