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JH Softball


Click here to download the JH Softball schedule in pdf form


2022 JH Softball Schedule

Date Opponent Time
March 2 Jonesboro at Kopperl 4:00pm
March 9 Hubbard at Kopperl 4:00pm
March 23 Kopperl at Hubbard 4:30pm
March 26 McGregor Tournament TBA
March 29 Kopperl at Covington 4:00pm
April 7 Avalon at Kopperl 4:30pm
April 11 Kopperl at Dawson 5:00pm
April 20 Kopperl at Abbott 4:30pm
April 27 Goldthwaite at Kopperl 4:30pm
May 3 Covington at Kopperl 4:30pm