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Board of Education

Notice of Dealine to File Applications for Place on the November 8, 2022 Ballot

Order of Election

Notice of Drawing for Place on the Ballot

Notice of Election

Board of Trustee Term Information

Trustee                                  Term Begins                            Term Ends                    

Lloyd Kuykendall                  November, 2020                   November, 2024

Shane Waller                         November, 2020                    November, 2024

Patsy DeLaune                      November, 2020                    November, 2024

Jesse Malone                        November, 2022                    November, 2026

Jeff Mullen                            November, 2022                     November, 2026

Rusty Walker                        November, 2022                     November, 2026

Casey Watts                         November, 2022                     November, 2026


District Calendar

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